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about us

Welcome to Komic Kidz!
My name is Reid Lucier, I'm the founder of Komic Kidz. I'm a former graphic designer, 3D motion capture animator, BC Children's Hospital photographer, and BC Cancer's photographer. I have published photography in magazines, and have created/photographed/edited my own photographic comic book series.
It's truly an honor to have tried so many careers and realize that you have a greater purpose to help and empower kids in your own artistic way!
It's not easy to leave good-paying full-time career positions and risk it all to follow your desires. After just a few Komic Kidz photo sessions and seeing the kids light up as their favorite characters and the joy they get when they see their final photographic art piece, I knew this was for me.


I know you'll love your Komic kidz experience. 


I'm thankful for my wife and 6-year-old daughter that are my support and inspiration that keep me going.


Kid's are a blast, so why not make a photo session tailored for them? 

My goal is to give a fun action-filled photo experience that your kids actually want to do.  I'd like to empower them and let their imagination take over while capturing fun actionhero poses. Your kids will get an Epic final image that will be based on their character.

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